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Brer Rabbit Coffee Club is a small group of coffee lovers located in Guacima Centro, Costa Rica, Indianapolis Indiana, Akron Ohio, and Newark New Jersey. We offer white glove turn key custom branded coffee products that start with your artwork and business idea. If you want to sell your own brand of coffee, we provide everything from packaging to product. BrerRabbitCoffeeClub will make sure your artwork and brand are perfectly printed, and we provide coffee that keeps them coming back.

From concept to completion, from product to FDA compliant labeling, we are here to serve you.

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Brer Rabbit Coffee Club offers white label services to those in the coffee, restaurant and hotel business. We have experience in properly preparing, packaging, labeling, and exporting coffee products and can save you time and effort from the very beginning.

We offer exclusive territories in many cases and we welcome new customers as well as veterans of the industry.

We know how important your time is and we can handle every aspect of your supply chain so you can focus on working in your business.

Whether you are a family owned restaurant or an entrprenure we would love to assist you, no matter how big or small, at Brer Rabbit Coffee Club everybody is a VIP.

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So if you need product or packaging you can contact us on Whatsapp, facebook, phone, or email. Please note that Whatsapp inquiries are answered first, followed by facebook and email. We take calls Monday through Friday 2pm to 7pm Eastern Time.

Whatsapp: +506 6289 7105__________________ Email: sales@BrerRabbitCoffee.com__________ Magic App: +1 317 956 3283_______________ Facebook: BrerRabbitCoffeeClub______________ Address: Guacima Centro, Del Ebais 150 Este y 25 Norte, Calle Vargas Alajuela, Costa Rica_____

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